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Dr Simon Hutabarat, Central Coast Bone and Joint

Dr Simon Hutabarat is a Senior Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon who has been providing orthopaedic surgical services on the Central Coast and the North-West NSW since 2004.

He consults from Woy Woy, Lake Munmorah, Tuggerah and Tamworth and operates exclusively in private practice.

Dr Hutabarat’s hospital appointments:

  • Brisbane Waters Private Hospital
  • Gosford Private Hospital
  • Tuggerah Lakes Private Hospital

Dr Hutabarat completed his medical training at the University of New South Wales in 1991 with honours. He combined his medical degree with a science degree during which time he demonstrated a flair for physics. He went on to complete orthopaedic surgery training in Sydney in 2004 at the end of his training he took a year-long fellowship in Richmond, Virginia (USA) and Bristol and Bath in the UK, as well as completing multiple sub-specialised training appointments in orthopaedic surgery and microsurgery at leading institutions around the globe that offer experience unavailable in Australia.

Dr Hutabarat has renowned skills for treating conditions affecting the hand and wrist, shoulder, hip and knee. Over his surgical career, he has developed significant expertise operating on an immensely high volume of patients. This is important as it exposes the surgeon to a range of both common and rare clinical problems.

Dr Hutabarat’s surgical expertise in numbers:

  • Shoulder operations (5,500+ performed)
  • Hip operations (2,100+ performed)
  • Knee operations (6,250+ performed)

He has had several publications in international orthopaedic journals and has presented regularly at local, national and international orthopaedic meetings. He currently works in advisory capacity for a number of orthopaedic companies and has given lectures and talks in this capacity to international groups of surgeons both in Australia and in Europe and Asia. He is heavily involved in Orthopaedic training in New South Wales as well as having provided inaugural support to Orthopaedic training scheme development in Indonesia

Dr Hutabarat has a keen interest in using cutting edge technology to further the quality of his work. This includes laser guided and GPS navigated surgery of the shoulder hip and knee.


BSc 1989, UNSW
MBBS (Hons) 1992, UNSW
FRACS (Orth) 2003
Surgical Registration Australia
Surgical Registration United Kingdom

Fellowship Training / Education

American Assoc. Hand Surgeons Annual Meeting, January 12-15, Puerto Rico, Jan 2005

Managing Complicated Hand and Wrist Problems, AAOS, Rosemont, IL, USA, December 3-5, 2004

Microsurgery, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY, USA, Nov 2004

Fellowship in Hands and Arthroplasty (Upper & Lower limb) with Bowers, Glowaki & McDermott (Hand Surgeons) and Worland (Arthroplasty), Richmond, VA, USA, Aug 2004-Jan 2005

FRACS Part 2, Melbourne, May 2003

AOA COE (Knee), Darwin, NT, Jul 2002

AOA COE (Orthopaedic Business), Melbourne, VIC, 2001

Paediatric Orthopaedic Course, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, 2000

AOA COE, Canberra, ACT, 1999

Emergency Management of Surgical Trauma, RNSH, Sydney, 1995

FRACS Part 1, Sydney, 1995

AO Basic Internal Fixation Course (Davos, Switzerland), 1995

Combined Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (Honours) UNSW, 1992

Elective in Orthopaedic Surgery, Queen Mary’s University Hospital, London, UK, 1991

Teaching, Presentations, Publications

  • Teaching

    2006 Common Hand Disorders. Bare Bones Meeting. Woy Woy, NSW

    2005 Clinical Preceptor, University of Alabama, USA

    1992 – 2006 Tutorials & Lectures to VMOs, Junior Medical Staff & Students

    1996Instructional Course in Shoulder Stabilisation Surgery
    (Zimmer), July 1996, Prince of Wales Hospital.

    1996 Biomechanics of the Knee,
    W. Walsh, S. Hutabarat, D. Wallace, W. Bruce & D. Sonnabend.
    Sports Medicine Medical Education Video, UNSW.

    2006 Teaching with the AOA WOC for the Balinese Training

    active in supporting the baliese training program

    Served in HOPE Volunteer Corps, after the earthquake in Nias, Indonesia, 2005

  • Presentations

    2006 Survivorship of 195 fixed bearing UKRs during the second decade.

    March, 2006 Hutabarat, SR., Newman, JH. 73rd Annual Meeting of the American Academy of
    Orthopaedic Surgeons in Chicargo, LA

    2002 Will We Continue the Jig Jiggle? Hutabarat, SR., Cumberland, W
    AORA Conference, Melbourne

    2002 Soft Tissue Tumours of the Hand, Hutabarat, SR
    St George Hospital Hand Meeting, Sydney

    2001 Pelvic Trauma, Hutabarat, SR. & Harris, I., Bones on the Beach Conference, Wollongong

    1998 A New Surgical Operating Gown, Sherry, E., Hutabarat, S.R., Gorman, J.,
    Coote, P. and Dienmendijian, G,
    WPOA Japan 4/11/98

    1998 Serum Metal Studies in Metal on Metal Hip Arthroplasty,
    Walter, L., Hutabarat, S.R., and Walsh, W.R., Combined
    Meeting, Christchurch, New Zealand.

    1997 A New Surgical Operating Gown, Sherry, E., Hutabarat, S.R.,
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    Federal AOA Meeting, Canberra, October 1997.

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    The Hills Private Hospital 12th Annual Orthopaedic Conference,
    16th August, 1997.

    1997 Coronal Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy in the Difficult TKA Bruce, W., Rooney, J., Hutabarat, S., Atkinson, M., Goldberg, J.,
    and Walsh, W.R., NSW AOA State Meeting Nepean, April 1997.

    1997 Arthrodesis in the Neuropathic Foot, Hansen, S.T., Hutabarat, S.,
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    1996 Metal-on-Metal Hip Arthroplasty. Will There Be Black Sludge? Walter, L., Hutabarat, S.R. & Walsh, W.R., Mater Miscorderiale Meeting, Sydney, Dec 5, 1996.

    1996 A Comparison Of Metal Ions Released By Metal-on-Metal Hip Arthroplasty, Walter, L., Hutabarat, S.R & Walsh, W.R, N.S.W. State
    A.O.A. Meeting, RPAH, Sydney, Nov 1, 1996.

    1996 Serum Metal Studies in Metal-on-Metal Hip Arthroplasty, Walter, L., Hutabarat, S.R., Walsh, W.R., Stryker-Osteonics Orthopaedic Scientific Meeting, Queenstown, New Zealand,

    1996 Early Results of Serum Studies of Metal on Metal Total Hip Arthroplasty, Walter, L., Hutabarat, S.R. & Walsh, W.R. Arthroplasty
    Meeting, September 1996, Daydream Island, Queensland.

    1994 Scapulothoracic Dissociation,
    Meeting of Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons,
    Melbourne 26/3/94.

  • Publications

    2002 Elbow Trauma, Kuliseviscz, G., Rooney, J & Hutabarat, S., In: Trauma, Ed. Sherry, E., Triu, L. & Templeton, J. Oxford University Press

    1998 Basic Orthopaedic Science, Gorman, J., Rooney, J & Hutabarat, S., Chapter 4, Oxford Handbook of Sports Medicine, Ed. Sherry, E., Oxford University Press


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    1996 Biomechanics of the Knee,
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    1993 A Patient’s Guide to the Total Knee Replacement, M. Soloman, & S Hutabarat

    1993 A Simple Guide to Orthopaedics, R.L. Huckstep, Illustrations


Australian Medical Association
Australian Society of Orthopaedic Surgeons
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Australian Orthopaedic Association
Memberships Surfer’s Medical Association

Dr Hutabarat lives on the Central Coast and is a keen surfer. He is learning to foil board.

Over the years he was keenly involved in football and has enjoyed helping to develop the skills of youth footballers as a coach. He maintains a keen interest in sports biomechanics, sports psychology and development of the mental side of high performance.

Many people strive for many things including wealth, power or recognition. Dr Hutabarat’s ambition is to leave this life with a clear conscience having “done my best, to be the best person that I can possibly be, while treating my patients and colleagues with understanding, compassion and humility”. This is the principle that drives the practice. The quality of the work is in itself the reward.